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Úvod » AMERIKA » Dollar 2011 D USA UNC R.B.Hayes 19th


Dollar 2011 D USA UNC R.B.Hayes 19th

Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Dollar 2011


Číslo produktu: US11DRBHD
Cena bez DPH : 3,20 €
Cena s DPH (0 %):
3,20 €

do košíka:

Kompletné špecifikácie

Výrobca: US Mint Denver
Kvalita / Quality: UNC
Emisia / Issue: 2011

Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Dollar


Representing the third release of the year and the nineteenth release for the series overall is the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Dollar. The circulating coin series honors the former Presidents of the United States in the order served.

Prior to becoming President, Rutherford Hayes had fought in the American Civil War, where he was wounded five times and acquired a reputation for bravery in combat. He would be elected to the House of Representatives by a wide majority and also serve as the governor of Ohio for three terms. He would be elected 19th President of the United States by the Electoral College, even though he lost the popular vote. He announced in advance that he only intended to serve a single term.

The obverse of the Rutherford B. Hayes Dollar features his portrait as designed and sculpted by Don Everhart.  Surrounding the portrait are inscriptions indicating his name, the motto “In God We Trust”, “19th President”, and the years of the term “1877-1881?.

On the reverse of the coin is a depiction of the Statue of Liberty, also designed by Everhart. Inscriptions include “United States of America” and “$1?. The edge of the coin include the motto “E Pluribus Unum”, the date, and the mint mark in incused edge lettering.

The expected circulation release date for the coins will be August 18, 2011. However, prior to this date, the coins will have already been released in certain numismatic products such as the 2011 Mint Set, 2011 Proof Set, 2011 Silver Proof Set, and the two 2011 Presidential Dollar annual coin sets.